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Welcome to Rita Castillo Voice. Who is Rita Castillo you may ask? I have been a professional singer since I was 16 years old. That was a long, long time ago. I fronted bands and toured all over the world in about every singing situation you can imagine. We performed songs from all musical genres.  I did go to college as a voice major and studied classically, but continued singing my gigs at night. It wasn't too long that I discovered that the Classical principles I was learning (which I loved by the way) were not serving me in the popular genres I was singing. I spent the next several decades performing and at the same time looking for techniques that gave me ease in my singing no matter the type of song. In those days, we often performed 6 nights a week, 5 hours a night. That's a lot of vocal load! 

I started teaching about 20 years ago in the Long Beach California area and it has been a pleasure helping singers develop their own voices. I started out teaching other professional singers who were having difficulty suddenly after years of singing without problems. I was still in the singing trenches at the time and had a reputation for singing all those years and still had a healthy voice. I was happy to share my tips. Then I started working with beginners and singers of all ages, styles and vocal needs and that has developed into Rita Castillo Voice. 

Scientific research has discovered  more about how the voice functions in the last 30-40 years than it has 500 years prior. There are a lot of old time truths, but also quite a few myths.  I have made it my priority to discover those things. I have a fascination with voice science and have learned so much about how the voice works.I have studied many modalities and  am certified with Estill Voice International as an EFP  and am certified in the Neuro-Vocal Method. Estill Voice is not a method of singing, but a system that teaches how the voice works.  I continue to study the science and love learning from the greatest mentors in the field.  

It has been an honor and privilege to work as a local voice teacher/coach, but now I am ready to share what I've learned with you. Thanks to the internet, you do not have to drive to my house to work with me. )You can if you want to. I still teach from my home studio) I'm so excited to finally step out into this new cyber world! 

Do you love to sing? Are there areas in your voice that you would like to improve? Maybe you have never sung before and want to learn from the beginning. I would love to show you how to discover your own vocal toolbox and how to use it to maximize your own beautiful unique voice.  

Would you like to: 

Increase range and power? 
Improve tone, breath control, diction, vocal agility, musicianship, pitch, performance, song interpretation, mic technique?  
Build: Rep, confidence, vocal efficiency, and vocal stamina? 
Maintain vocal health no matter your age? 
Decrease: strain, tension, breathiness, or nerves? 
Lessen: anxiety, weakness, hoarseness/ 
Eliminate: vocal breaks and pitch problems? 
Reduce: vocal fatigue? 

These are things we work on and more. If you need help with any one or more of these issues, there is a technique to help you. 

So this is just a little bit about me. I want to know about you! If you think you would like to be coached one-on-one with me, connect by sending an email or private message and schedule a free 15 minute consultation to to see if we make a good match. Let me help you train your voice and let your voice be heard! Again, welcome to my new website.  

Until next time, 


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